Tips To Reduce Fuel Consumption

Rising fuel cost is what gives many car owners headaches these days. As a car owner as well, here are some tips I have compiled that will help you save on fuel costs.

1. Use the right fuel. It is important to check your car’s manual in order to find what the most appropriate fuel is for it. If it can run on regular, then there’s no use buying premium for your car.

2. Make sure the fuel fill cap is tightly shut. Gasoline is a highly volatile substance, which means it evaporates fast. So, if the fuel fill cap is open or loosely shut, gasoline might leak. Thus, there goes your money.

3. Similar to purchasing items you need, you also have to shop around in order to find which gasoline station in your area that provides the lowest prices in gas.

4. Use alternative transportation like carpooling or public transit. You can share a ride with a friend. If the destination is near, why not try walking or perhaps ride a bike. Walking and biking will not only save your fuel consumption but also give you healthy and effective exercise.

5. Don’t be aggressive in driving. Aggressive driving would consume a lot of fuel. Moreover, it is dangerous because accidents easily happen because of aggressive driving.

6. Drive at the recommended speed limit. Usually, driving above 55 mph loses its fuel economy. The higher the speed, the higher the consumption would be.

7. Reduce AC use. Using AC increases fuel consumption. If it is cool already, just turn on the fan or you can always roll down the car windows.

8. Avoid idling as much as possible. Leaving your engine on idle would only consume fuel without moving. It is a waste both of fuel and money.

9. Eliminate extra weight and wind resistance of your car. The higher the wind resistance as well as the heavier the car is, the more fuel it will need to drive the car forward.

10. Always maintain your car. A regularly maintained car is more fuel efficient than a car that lacks routine maintenance. Sometimes, the problems in your car and engine would contribute to its fuel consumption, which is why check to see if there’s a need to fix or replace troubled pats.

11. Use fuel efficient products. Many products these days can help reduce the consumption of gas like NOW12 oil.

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