Termites – the Most Dangerous Household Pest

Cockroaches, spiders, crickets, centipedes and other kinds of creepy crawlers would always find their way into our house, but even though their presence is not enjoyable it is a good thing to know that these bugs don’t pose a huge risk to the structure of our house. However, having termites is a different story. They may not look as scary as spiders or centipedes or as disgusting and dirty as cockroaches; still termites are the most dangerous crawler that could ever enter your home.

Termites truly deserve to be called the most dangerous crawler that could ever enter your home because termites cause billions worth of damages each year. If they are undetected, they can obliterate and level a single dwelling within months. This danger they pose is the reason why termites have the most terrifying reputation among any other household pests

In a single colony, there are thousands of individual termites. Sometimes, it can even reach hundreds of thousands, especially with certain termite species like Formosan… which is also the most aggressive and most damaging termite to structures. If we consider the number, we can easily see that there are lots of little creatures chewing up your wood every single hour of the day.

Depending on the specie, termites can consume 10-20 grams wood per day. If we calculate it, it would be 300 – 600 grams of wood in a month and 3000 – 7000 grams of wood in an entire year. And if the food consumption of the colony comes from a particular part of your house like a support beam, floor, ceiling or wall, it would not be strange to see a wall, ceiling or support beam collapsing.

Termites cause a lot of damage and homes wherein termite infestation has taken place are likely going to have a huge problem in their hand. However, it should be noted that termite infestation can be detected and can be treated with the help of pest control in Los Angeles .

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