Scary Ratzilla Terrorizes Family


I was browsing the internet trying to look for interesting articles to read while I was waiting a few more hours before my shift to end when I ended up finding a particular article talking about a giant mutant rat that chased away terrified family after eating through a brick wall. Here’s the link to the article:

“This has to be a joke”, I thought to myself. I know there are giant rats and that they can chase and terrify people, but there’s no way it can eat through a brick wall. But when I saw the image on the article, my eyes widened with surprised. According to the article, the rat was 40 cm in length. That was practically bigger than a cat and slightly smaller than a tiny dog.

I called my workmates and shared the article to them and they were as surprised as I. One workmate who is expert in making Photoshop pictures even tried to scrutinize the photo to check for its validity but he eventually surrendered believing that the image was legit.

Ok… so if the image was legit, then most likely the story is legit. Man, ratzilla is scary. Even the local pest control team had a difficult time trying to subdue the monster. It was so tough that it chased away the family cat and ran around the kitchen even with industrial-sized rat trap on its neck. After finally, subduing the rat and few minutes of scuffle, the exterminators found out that the rat was able to get inside the family’s house by chewing through the cement and brickwork. Scary yet amazing.

I hope I don’t need to call my local rodent pest control Torrance because a similar thing happened to me. If I experienced the same thing as them, I might end up calling the police or the firemen. A 40 cm rat is no joke. It might kill me, you know.

But then again, I might have to use a Pokeball and catch it Ash Ketchum style!!!

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