Why Are Rats Getting Bigger?

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Rats are getting bigger and bigger! And that is a fact – a horrifying fact! We kept on hearing or reading news regarding giant or super rats getting caught or wreaking havoc to homes, businesses and even in public places. Fortunately, I haven’t experienced or seen it. If I do, I would be horrified especially since I hate rats. I hate these filthy, horrible and monstrous creatures!!! I HATE THEM TO THE CORE!!!

This horrible news of gigantic and super rats, makes me wonder… why are rats getting bigger?

I am no rat expert or zoologist but I do think it is our fault why rats have grown ginormous! Come to think of it, rats have been living side by side with humans for a long, long time. Ever since human civilization began, the rats were always there. The food scraps and trash from human society became delectable source of nutrition for them. Moreover, the structures human civilizations have made also became a safe and comfortable solace for these creatures.

And as time goes by humanity improvement have helped rats improve as well. First, the quality of food has improved by leaps and bounds. The overabundance of source of food have greatly contributed to the growth of rats these days. In the past, food scraps are rarely thrown away but now people are very wasteful. Food are thrown so easily… giving rats a feast fit for a king!

Another reason is the fact that rats are facing less and less predators. Moreover, we humans have changed the ecosystem as we continued to encroach and destroy other animal habitats. The loss of larger animals paved way to the evolution and growth of rats. Naturally, nature would take its course and replace what was loss. Therefore, rats would evolve, grow and take over position that was loss.

If we think these rats have grown so large for now, then how large would they be in the future? How large would they if they continue to feast like kings? How large would they be if no predator would prey on them? How large would they become if we continue with our actions and won’t act against these rats? You know, if rats would grow to even bigger size, many rodent control services wouldn’t be able to handle them like they used to. When this happens, it is us who will suffer. So before this happens, we need to act right away.

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