Rat Gangs – A System For Survival

I have read in an article that rats exhibit social behaviors and that they form gangs in order to show dominance over other rats and obtain territories so that they could have wider areas for foraging. Hmmm… this sounds so familiar. This is what humans do – most specifically the street gangs we often see or hear about.

Honestly, I find this fact amazing yet disturbing at the same time. It is amazing because rats are like humans forming groups to survive. On the other hand I find this disturbing because they form gangs and when we talk about gangs the first thing that comes into my mind are gangsters in hoodies and low baggy pants that would gang up on unsuspecting victims mugging and running away with their possessions. So I end up imagining rats wearing the same kind of get-up. Pretty disturbing right?

Anyways, rats forming gangs would be a difficult thing to get rid of – this is just my opinion. I don’t know what pest control mice Torrance  would say about it. I am basing this on the fact that they form gangs to survive and most likely the survival of the entire group is important for them. They would be cautious. If one member notices danger, that rat would tell the entire group. If one of them dies and the one member sees what happen, then the rest of the group would learn of what happened. This would help the entire group avoid danger and survive. This would really be a problem, especially if there’s a gang of rats living under your home.

So if there’s a gang of rats you would really have a hard time getting rid of them.

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