Protect Your Cats From Mice And Rats

If you love your pet cats and only want what’s best for them, you should understand that you shouldn’t allow rats and mice to enter you house.

Yes, cats are known to prey on rats and mice, but rats and mice can bring danger to most house cat breeds – especially those that are known to have weak immune systems. This danger comes in the form of TOXOPLASMOSIS.


Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic disease caused by the protozoan Toxoplasma gondii. This parasite infects various warm-blooded animals and that includes human. Primarily, toxoplasma gondii’s host is the felid family or cats.

So if its primary host is cats, why are rats and mice involve?

Rats and mice are involved because of the fact that they are hearty eaters. They would eat everything, including cat feces, wherein toxoplasma gondii spreads its pathogen. If your uninfected cat captures and eats a rat or mice carrying toxoplasma gondii, your cat would have a chance of contracting the disease. If your cat has a weak immune system due to disease, age, hereditary or poor breeding practices, the chance of contracting the disease would skyrocket.

Toxoplasmosis is asymptomatic. This means it doesn’t show any symptoms of the disease. Your cat may develop a mild-flu like sickness during the first weeks of exposure. But those with weakened immunity will become seriously ill which can lead to fatality. The parasite may cause encephalitis or brain inflammation, neurological problems and cause problem to the eyes (chorioretinits), ears, liver and heart. You cat may also suffer from skin lesions and cause them to act strangely (pacing in circles or acting differently than before).

What makes this even scary is the fact that toxoplasmosis can also spread to you, the owner. You could have the same illness and problems, but the worst thing is the fact that toxoplasmosis in human can cause schizophrenia, OCD and ADHD. Now, you would understand why the term “crazy cat lady” exists.

Therefore, if you think your home is being invaded by rats or mice, call  rodent exterminator  right away. Don’t let your cat or yourself be put to danger because of these rodents.

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