Different Kinds of Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are important aspects of our holiday celebration. In fact, Christmas is incomplete to most of us if we don’t hang beautiful lights. And to some people, shopping for Christmas lights is a very important. Some would even shop months before the holiday seasons arrive in order for them to have enough time to shop for the best lights.

But when it comes to Christmas lights, it is important for buyers to know their lights first. These fascinating lights come in various shapes and sizes and it would be a challenge for one who has no knowledge about them.

Basically there are two kinds of Christmas lights – Incandescent and LED lights. Incandescent lights are affordable lights that produce a warm glow, however, incandescent lights are high-risk lights that can cause fires and energy-inefficient. LED or Light-Emitting Diode lights are more energy efficient and durable than incandescent light. They are safer because they burn at a much lower temperature; however, they are more expensive than incandescent ones.

There are also other types of Christmas lights:

• Mini string lights – are very popular Christmas decorations with very small bulbs.

• Wide angled LED mini lights – are lights that are almost similar to mini string lights, however, they are low-profiled and more conical and brighter bulbs.

• C5, C7, C9 and G40 – are large bright bulbs that create stunning visual impact. It also gives a retro feel compared to modern light bulbs.

• Net Lights – are lights that are strung to form nets or others and produce a uniform look when draped over bushes, trees, homes or other structures.

• Animated lights – are Christmas lights that produce eye-catching display with their varying colors and sequences that make them look like dancing lights.

• Icicle lights – are Christmas lights that give homes a glittering snow-like appearance.

• LED rope lights – are string lights that are perfect for outlining windows, roofs and doorways. They are also suitable for creating intricate light designs.

• Light projectors – although different from most Christmas lights, they are a more convenient alternative to string lights. Just plug it to the outlet and point them to trees, walls or anything and it will project colourful patterns.

When choosing Christmas lights, it is important to know each one of them in order to easily find which type of Christmas light would match your ideal christmas light displays denver.

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