The Wonders Of My Favorite Vegetable

Do you know the wonders of cucumber? If not, then maybe I should tell you the many wonders of my favorite vegetable – the cucumber.

Cucumber is more than 90% water. Thus, it is a great source of water and can keep you hydrated when you have no time to drink water. This is really strange to think about because when you hold cucumber in your hand, it doesn’t feel like its 90% water. It is solid but not hard as ice. You can even use cucumber as a bludgeon.

Because cucumber is more than 90% water, it is perfect for fighting heat. A chilled cucumber can provide relief against sunburn. Eating chilled cucumber would also fight against heartburn and keep you feel cool.

Cucumber is also ideal for detoxifying your body. It flushes out all toxins out of your body. This is why cucumber is known to help prevent cancer, dissolve kidney and bladder stones. With the vitamins A, B and C it has, it will boost your immunity and keep you energize. It is also rich in other minerals like magnesium, potassium and silicon that would keep your skin healthy and young and your hair silky and smooth.

If you are planning to lose weight, eat lots of fresh cucumbers. It contains sterols that can reduce bad cholesterol, which would lead to the stabilization of your blood pressure. Cucumbers contain only a minute amount of calories. In fact, you can burn more calories eating a cucumber than what you can gain in eating one.

Cucumbers can also help in curing various gum diseases. It has fiber that can aid in digestion. It promotes the production of insulin making it ideal for diabetics.

With all the benefits cucumber has, there would be no reason for you not to munch on one right now.

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