Fear of Laughter

Did you know that there’s fear of laughter?

It is called GELIOPHOBIA or GELOPHOBIA! And it is different from GELOTOPHOBIA, which is the fear of being laughed at.all_grown_up_laughing_enlrg

Gelotophobia or fear of being laughed at is understandable. This is because this is a type of social phobia. They fear being laughed because they don’t want to be ridiculed or be humiliated before other people. No one wants that to happen, having this phobia or not. However, geliophobia different. You just hear someone else laugh or see another person laughing even though it is not pointed at you will make you fall in a state of anxiety and panic.

Gelotophobia and geliophobia are phobias that arise mostly because of external traumatic events or any type of mistreatment or bullying. Maybe, the person had an actual humiliating and embarrassing experience before many people and ended up being laughed at. Or maybe, the person was constantly being laughed at because of his or her defects or other causes that is beyond his or her control.

Honestly speaking, people who suffer from these phobias are pitiful. This is because they are always haunted or reminded of their traumatic experience. They don’t deserve this suffering. Most of all, they don’t deserve to be maltreated. No one has the right to ridicule another person. And no one has the right to laugh at the expense of others.

Unfortunately, society doesn’t work this way. There are always people who bully others and people who are always bullied. GELIOPHOBIA and GELOTOPHOBIA wouldn’t have existed if our society is different.

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