9gag = FUN

Truly, the internet is one of the best sources for fun. A proof to this is the ever popular social media site 9gag. To those who know nothing about it, 9gag is a social media site wherein people can upload and share images, GIFs and videos across the internet. Usually, the images, GIFs and videos they share are funny, interesting and entertaining.

9gag is quite similar to other websites like Digg, reddit and 4chan however, they are quite different in terms of ease of use and content categories. Furthermore, 9gag is often filled with various popular memes like Overly Attached Girlfriend, Confession Bear, Scumbag Steve, Pedobear, Scumbag Stacy, Actual Advice Mallard, Good Guy Greg, Good Girl Gina, Success Kid and many more. Aside from memes, 9gag also has several hilarious “rage comics”.

9gag has become very popular nowadays because it is the first one to bring memes to the mainstream internet users because it integrated itself in several social networking sites. Moreover, a lot of people prefer 9gag because it is less offensive than other meme sites, especially 4chan.

Now, there are 9gaggers everywhere be it students, working professionals, teenagers, adults, kids, men, women, gay, lesbians, young, old, single, married, introverts, extroverts etc. 9gag has become so popular that it is hard to find a person who doesn’t know about it. Even my mom, who seldom check the internet knows what 9gag is.






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