Different Kinds of Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are important aspects of our holiday celebration. In fact, Christmas is incomplete to most of us if we don’t hang beautiful lights. And to some people, shopping for Christmas lights is a very important. Some would even shop months before the holiday seasons arrive in order for them to have enough time to shop for the best lights.

But when it comes to Christmas lights, it is important for buyers to know their lights first. These fascinating lights come in various shapes and sizes and it would be a challenge for one who has no knowledge about them.

Basically there are two kinds of Christmas lights – Incandescent and LED lights. Incandescent lights are affordable lights that produce a warm glow, however, incandescent lights are high-risk lights that can cause fires and energy-inefficient. LED or Light-Emitting Diode lights are more energy efficient and durable than incandescent light. They are safer because they burn at a much lower temperature; however, they are more expensive than incandescent ones.

There are also other types of Christmas lights:

• Mini string lights – are very popular Christmas decorations with very small bulbs.

• Wide angled LED mini lights – are lights that are almost similar to mini string lights, however, they are low-profiled and more conical and brighter bulbs.

• C5, C7, C9 and G40 – are large bright bulbs that create stunning visual impact. It also gives a retro feel compared to modern light bulbs.

• Net Lights – are lights that are strung to form nets or others and produce a uniform look when draped over bushes, trees, homes or other structures.

• Animated lights – are Christmas lights that produce eye-catching display with their varying colors and sequences that make them look like dancing lights.

• Icicle lights – are Christmas lights that give homes a glittering snow-like appearance.

• LED rope lights – are string lights that are perfect for outlining windows, roofs and doorways. They are also suitable for creating intricate light designs.

• Light projectors – although different from most Christmas lights, they are a more convenient alternative to string lights. Just plug it to the outlet and point them to trees, walls or anything and it will project colourful patterns.

When choosing Christmas lights, it is important to know each one of them in order to easily find which type of Christmas light would match your ideal christmas light displays denver.

Why Are Rats Getting Bigger?

Kilter Termite & Pest Control

Rats are getting bigger and bigger! And that is a fact – a horrifying fact! We kept on hearing or reading news regarding giant or super rats getting caught or wreaking havoc to homes, businesses and even in public places. Fortunately, I haven’t experienced or seen it. If I do, I would be horrified especially since I hate rats. I hate these filthy, horrible and monstrous creatures!!! I HATE THEM TO THE CORE!!!

This horrible news of gigantic and super rats, makes me wonder… why are rats getting bigger?

I am no rat expert or zoologist but I do think it is our fault why rats have grown ginormous! Come to think of it, rats have been living side by side with humans for a long, long time. Ever since human civilization began, the rats were always there. The food scraps and trash from human society became delectable source of nutrition for them. Moreover, the structures human civilizations have made also became a safe and comfortable solace for these creatures.

And as time goes by humanity improvement have helped rats improve as well. First, the quality of food has improved by leaps and bounds. The overabundance of source of food have greatly contributed to the growth of rats these days. In the past, food scraps are rarely thrown away but now people are very wasteful. Food are thrown so easily… giving rats a feast fit for a king!

Another reason is the fact that rats are facing less and less predators. Moreover, we humans have changed the ecosystem as we continued to encroach and destroy other animal habitats. The loss of larger animals paved way to the evolution and growth of rats. Naturally, nature would take its course and replace what was loss. Therefore, rats would evolve, grow and take over position that was loss.

If we think these rats have grown so large for now, then how large would they be in the future? How large would they if they continue to feast like kings? How large would they be if no predator would prey on them? How large would they become if we continue with our actions and won’t act against these rats? You know, if rats would grow to even bigger size, many rodent control services wouldn’t be able to handle them like they used to. When this happens, it is us who will suffer. So before this happens, we need to act right away.

Bring Your Gold to a Cash For Gold Store and Not a Pawnshop

From time to time, you find yourself in need of cash. When this happens, the thought of selling your old gold jewelries would come to your mind. You would know that those gaudy earrings or gold bracelet you have would still have value. So you would walk around the house, gather them up and head to the nearest pawn shop to make some money.

Well, sending old gold jewelries to the pawn shop is not a bad thing. You can make good money easily. However, there’s a much better place than a pawn shop and that is a cash for gold store. If you bring your gold jewelry to sell gold jewelry, you would actually make more money than in a pawn shop.

In a cash for gold store, your gold would have more value than in a regular pawn shop. This is because they buy gold based on its actual value on the market not just by mere estimations. So if the value of gold in the market is high, you would receive more money when you decide to sell what you have.

The best thing about cash for gold stores is that they accept any kind of gold. They accept gold coins, nuggets, bars, jewelries and accessories. They even accept broken gold pieces and even dental gold. For these stores, as long as an item is gold, they would consider it. They would purchase these pieces after weighing them and checking the amount of gold they contain. Of course, each item would be paid according to the amount of gold or karat they have.

So if you want to sell all your gold, don’t just bring them to a pawn shop. Bring them to a cash for gold store. A cash for gold store would surely bring more value for your gold.

Protect Your Cats From Mice And Rats

If you love your pet cats and only want what’s best for them, you should understand that you shouldn’t allow rats and mice to enter you house.

Yes, cats are known to prey on rats and mice, but rats and mice can bring danger to most house cat breeds – especially those that are known to have weak immune systems. This danger comes in the form of TOXOPLASMOSIS.


Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic disease caused by the protozoan Toxoplasma gondii. This parasite infects various warm-blooded animals and that includes human. Primarily, toxoplasma gondii’s host is the felid family or cats.

So if its primary host is cats, why are rats and mice involve?

Rats and mice are involved because of the fact that they are hearty eaters. They would eat everything, including cat feces, wherein toxoplasma gondii spreads its pathogen. If your uninfected cat captures and eats a rat or mice carrying toxoplasma gondii, your cat would have a chance of contracting the disease. If your cat has a weak immune system due to disease, age, hereditary or poor breeding practices, the chance of contracting the disease would skyrocket.

Toxoplasmosis is asymptomatic. This means it doesn’t show any symptoms of the disease. Your cat may develop a mild-flu like sickness during the first weeks of exposure. But those with weakened immunity will become seriously ill which can lead to fatality. The parasite may cause encephalitis or brain inflammation, neurological problems and cause problem to the eyes (chorioretinits), ears, liver and heart. You cat may also suffer from skin lesions and cause them to act strangely (pacing in circles or acting differently than before).

What makes this even scary is the fact that toxoplasmosis can also spread to you, the owner. You could have the same illness and problems, but the worst thing is the fact that toxoplasmosis in human can cause schizophrenia, OCD and ADHD. Now, you would understand why the term “crazy cat lady” exists.

Therefore, if you think your home is being invaded by rats or mice, call  rodent exterminator  right away. Don’t let your cat or yourself be put to danger because of these rodents.

Rat Gangs – A System For Survival

I have read in an article that rats exhibit social behaviors and that they form gangs in order to show dominance over other rats and obtain territories so that they could have wider areas for foraging. Hmmm… this sounds so familiar. This is what humans do – most specifically the street gangs we often see or hear about.

Honestly, I find this fact amazing yet disturbing at the same time. It is amazing because rats are like humans forming groups to survive. On the other hand I find this disturbing because they form gangs and when we talk about gangs the first thing that comes into my mind are gangsters in hoodies and low baggy pants that would gang up on unsuspecting victims mugging and running away with their possessions. So I end up imagining rats wearing the same kind of get-up. Pretty disturbing right?

Anyways, rats forming gangs would be a difficult thing to get rid of – this is just my opinion. I don’t know what pest control mice Torrance  would say about it. I am basing this on the fact that they form gangs to survive and most likely the survival of the entire group is important for them. They would be cautious. If one member notices danger, that rat would tell the entire group. If one of them dies and the one member sees what happen, then the rest of the group would learn of what happened. This would help the entire group avoid danger and survive. This would really be a problem, especially if there’s a gang of rats living under your home.

So if there’s a gang of rats you would really have a hard time getting rid of them.

Scary Ratzilla Terrorizes Family


I was browsing the internet trying to look for interesting articles to read while I was waiting a few more hours before my shift to end when I ended up finding a particular article talking about a giant mutant rat that chased away terrified family after eating through a brick wall. Here’s the link to the article: http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/371598/Giant-MUTANT-rat-chased-terrified-family-after-eating-way-through-brick-wall.

“This has to be a joke”, I thought to myself. I know there are giant rats and that they can chase and terrify people, but there’s no way it can eat through a brick wall. But when I saw the image on the article, my eyes widened with surprised. According to the article, the rat was 40 cm in length. That was practically bigger than a cat and slightly smaller than a tiny dog.

I called my workmates and shared the article to them and they were as surprised as I. One workmate who is expert in making Photoshop pictures even tried to scrutinize the photo to check for its validity but he eventually surrendered believing that the image was legit.

Ok… so if the image was legit, then most likely the story is legit. Man, ratzilla is scary. Even the local pest control team had a difficult time trying to subdue the monster. It was so tough that it chased away the family cat and ran around the kitchen even with industrial-sized rat trap on its neck. After finally, subduing the rat and few minutes of scuffle, the exterminators found out that the rat was able to get inside the family’s house by chewing through the cement and brickwork. Scary yet amazing.

I hope I don’t need to call my local rodent pest control Torrance because a similar thing happened to me. If I experienced the same thing as them, I might end up calling the police or the firemen. A 40 cm rat is no joke. It might kill me, you know.

But then again, I might have to use a Pokeball and catch it Ash Ketchum style!!!

Termites – the Most Dangerous Household Pest

Cockroaches, spiders, crickets, centipedes and other kinds of creepy crawlers would always find their way into our house, but even though their presence is not enjoyable it is a good thing to know that these bugs don’t pose a huge risk to the structure of our house. However, having termites is a different story. They may not look as scary as spiders or centipedes or as disgusting and dirty as cockroaches; still termites are the most dangerous crawler that could ever enter your home.

Termites truly deserve to be called the most dangerous crawler that could ever enter your home because termites cause billions worth of damages each year. If they are undetected, they can obliterate and level a single dwelling within months. This danger they pose is the reason why termites have the most terrifying reputation among any other household pests

In a single colony, there are thousands of individual termites. Sometimes, it can even reach hundreds of thousands, especially with certain termite species like Formosan… which is also the most aggressive and most damaging termite to structures. If we consider the number, we can easily see that there are lots of little creatures chewing up your wood every single hour of the day.

Depending on the specie, termites can consume 10-20 grams wood per day. If we calculate it, it would be 300 – 600 grams of wood in a month and 3000 – 7000 grams of wood in an entire year. And if the food consumption of the colony comes from a particular part of your house like a support beam, floor, ceiling or wall, it would not be strange to see a wall, ceiling or support beam collapsing.

Termites cause a lot of damage and homes wherein termite infestation has taken place are likely going to have a huge problem in their hand. However, it should be noted that termite infestation can be detected and can be treated with the help of pest control in Los Angeles .

Tips To Reduce Fuel Consumption

Rising fuel cost is what gives many car owners headaches these days. As a car owner as well, here are some tips I have compiled that will help you save on fuel costs.

1. Use the right fuel. It is important to check your car’s manual in order to find what the most appropriate fuel is for it. If it can run on regular, then there’s no use buying premium for your car.

2. Make sure the fuel fill cap is tightly shut. Gasoline is a highly volatile substance, which means it evaporates fast. So, if the fuel fill cap is open or loosely shut, gasoline might leak. Thus, there goes your money.

3. Similar to purchasing items you need, you also have to shop around in order to find which gasoline station in your area that provides the lowest prices in gas.

4. Use alternative transportation like carpooling or public transit. You can share a ride with a friend. If the destination is near, why not try walking or perhaps ride a bike. Walking and biking will not only save your fuel consumption but also give you healthy and effective exercise.

5. Don’t be aggressive in driving. Aggressive driving would consume a lot of fuel. Moreover, it is dangerous because accidents easily happen because of aggressive driving.

6. Drive at the recommended speed limit. Usually, driving above 55 mph loses its fuel economy. The higher the speed, the higher the consumption would be.

7. Reduce AC use. Using AC increases fuel consumption. If it is cool already, just turn on the fan or you can always roll down the car windows.

8. Avoid idling as much as possible. Leaving your engine on idle would only consume fuel without moving. It is a waste both of fuel and money.

9. Eliminate extra weight and wind resistance of your car. The higher the wind resistance as well as the heavier the car is, the more fuel it will need to drive the car forward.

10. Always maintain your car. A regularly maintained car is more fuel efficient than a car that lacks routine maintenance. Sometimes, the problems in your car and engine would contribute to its fuel consumption, which is why check to see if there’s a need to fix or replace troubled pats.

11. Use fuel efficient products. Many products these days can help reduce the consumption of gas like NOW12 oil.